Sunday, 29 December 2013

Check out this guy! He's called The Christmas Bug.

Somebody posted a picture of this little critter on Twitter and it caught my eye. He was created by Boriana Giormova. 

I thought this character looked so cool that I contacted Boriana and asked if she wanted to do an interview with me. She was happy to oblige and the interview will appear in an issue of STARGIRL coming out in the new year.

It turns out Boriana has an online store where she sells merchandise featuring the Christmas Bug as well as other cool characters. I recommend everyone go to her online store and buy anything that grabs your attention. There's a lot of cool stuff to find!

Here is what Boriana had to say when I spoke with her.

Brandon: Hi, Boriana. Thanks for talking to me today. Why don't you start out by telling our readers a little bit about yourself.

Boriana: I live in Bulgaria. I love to read, draw, listen to music and I play a lot of video games. I have two lovely kids who inspire me. I have a master's degree in Pharmacy and I currently study graphic design. Actually, only my graduation thesis remains and it will be in this state 'till I don't know when. :)

Brandon: Tell us about your online store. How did it all come about and what kind of stuff can people find on there?

Boriana: I have a couple of online stores which I have inhabited with the creatures that I love to create. It all started back in 2007 when I discovered Zazzle, put some of my bugs on products and some of them started to sell. My creatures are different, cartoony - some of them cute, some of them evil, and people say that even the evil ones are cute. The creatures are funny, too, and they have frequently an evil grin on their faces - I love this expression. There are all kinds of products in my stores - art prints, cards, T-Shirts, phone and tablet cases, even home decor.

Brandon: I really like the little critter guy we're showing on the page here. He's what drew my attention to your Twitter post when I first saw him. Tell us about him and what he's all about.

Boriana: He's the evil Christmas bug. He likes to sing and dance around the Christmas tree and to do some nasty, but most of the time harmless stuff. He really loves the Christmas holidays. I've drawn this evil bug in different variations and he's a notorious figure in the my creatures' universe where he's also known as the Evil Flower Bug.

Brandon: So where can people find your online store? Where can people contact you?

Boriana: My main stores are Cute And Strange Creatures (, which features the products at Zazzle, and my page at Society6 ( 

I have also a blog where I present my new art and designs, as well as things that I love created by other artists. The blog is My Grinning Mind (

Brandon: Our readers will probably want to know if you're into comic books? Do you read any comics, and who are your favourite superheroes or comic book characters?

Boriana: I love comics! My favorite characters are Wolverine, Gambit and Rogue from X-Men. I like Batman, too. I also like manga and my favorite up to now is Hellsing with its lead character - the fiendish vampire owned by the Hellsing family. 

I should mention the character Dawn created by Josef Linsner, though I've not managed to read the actual comic. I've seen images on the internet and the art is fantastic.


  1. Great interview, I am already a fan of the evil Christmas bug

    1. Thanks, Fliss! He is a great character, isn't he?

  2. I love your evil bug and all your bugs! Your work is beautiful Boriana and I love to share it too. Nice interview btw! You're an inspiration.