Sunday, 23 February 2014


Recently, I was lucky enough to have Chris King Robinson take the time out of his busy schedule to do an interview with me. The interview appeared in the pages of the STARGIRL comic book.

Chris is a talented blues guitar player from the U.K.  His hit single "Lipstick On Her Cigar" is gaining in popularity and he's hoping to have his first album out soon. You really need to check this guy out!

Here's what Chris had to say when I interviewed him.

BRANDON: Hey, Chris. Thanks for talking with me today.

CHRIS: My pleasure. Was really glad to be asked.

BRANDON: So if you don’t mind me asking, how old are you?

CHRIS: I’m now 19 years old.

BRANDON: How did you first get into playing guitar and who were your early influences?

CHRIS: I first got into playing guitar by hearing old Stevie Ray Vaughan records played around the house. From that moment onwards SRV has always been my main influence and biggest hero.

BRANDON: Tell me about your first single “Lipstick on Her Cigar”. How did this song come about and where can people find it?

CHRIS: My first single is an old sounding psychedelic guitar instrumental that came about from just noodling around on my guitar. It has a certain appeal I believe that even non guitar fans can appreciate. You can find this track on Amazon & iTunes by searching “Lipstick on her cigar”.

BRANDON: Your song seems to be getting lots of attention on YouTube and Twitter. Why do you think this song resonates with so many people?

CHRIS: I was as surprised as anyone else to find out so many people enjoyed it. I think it’s just a style of music you don’t really hear anymore and people actually do love it if they discover it.

BRANDON: Do you have plans to make a full album? What can people expect from you in the near future?

CHRIS: I’m hoping to produce a full length album in 2014, as well as play all around the country with my band.

BRANDON: How do you feel about the general state of the music industry these days? Where do you see things going? What would you like to see more of? Less of?

CHRIS: I find that there is such a huge selection of music out there now that you can make whatever you want out of the music industry, I am hoping one day that I can turn a whole generation of pop fans into blues fans; like what John Mayer has done.

BRANDON: Your song is available on iTunes. That’s something that wasn’t available to musicians who were just starting out years go. But at the same time it now means that anybody can get a song out to the public, and they might not always be good songs. How do you feel about the current methods of distributing music and do you think you have advantages that were not available to the guitarists you grew up listening to?

CHRIS: That’s a tough question. I do believe it gives me a huge advantage over the guitarists I grew up listening to, but then that advantage is cancelled out by all of the millions of musicians doing the same thing as me today.

BRANDON: What advice do you have for people just starting out with music?

CHRIS: Don’t start out with the intention of being rich & famous, if you make people happy with your music then that’s all that matters.

BRANDON: Some of our readers will probably want to know – are you a comic book fan? If so, what are some of your favourite comics and superheroes?

CHRIS: I used to love BananaMan as a kid haha!!


BRANDON: Where can people connect with you?

BRANDON: Is there anything else you want to say to our readers before you go?

CHRIS: Thanks for reading, please check out my new single “Lipstick On Her Cigar” and follow me on Twitter etc. Many thanks!

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