Sunday, 23 March 2014

Get a free digital copy of Ghoul Squad #1!

We're giving away free digital copies of Ghoul Squad #1. This is the black & white version. Carlos Trigo's pencils and inks were so great we wanted to release a version of the comic before it gets colored.

The colored version will be out this summer.

Here is the link to download your free copy:

Sunday, 16 March 2014

MALICE - Pure Heavy Metal

As many of you probably know, Adam Storoschuk and I are big fans of heavy metal here at the Higher Universe. I recently had the chance to interview Rayman James and Sheridan Dolan from the heavy metal band Malice.

This interview will be appearing in an upcoming issue of Misfits. Here is what the guys had to say:

BRANDON:       What kind of music do you play?

RAYMAN:          We play what a lot of people refer to as “True Metal”, or what I like to refer to as “Pure Heavy Fucking Metal”, which means we just play from the heart, what we like and what we feel.  It’s not about following trends or trying to be the next mainstream sensation and landing multimillion dollar record deals.   We play and write what we like and what we want. 

The bands we are compared to a lot would be Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, and Manowar.  I guess I have heard a few other comparisons too, but those are the most common. And rightfully so because those are my 3 biggest influences.    But you know fans will hear what they want to hear and make the comparisons they want. A Manowar fan will hear hints of Manowar, and a Hammerfall fan will hear hints of Hammerfall in there.  

But whatever or whoever we are compared to, we are just going to be ourselves and do exactly what we do, and how we choose to do it.   

BRANDON:       How long have you been together? And how did you meet?

RAYMAN:          I started the band a long while back, but I met Sheridan 6 years ago while I was recording the demos for the first album, and asked him if he would be interested in joining a band.  In September of 2010 we started recording the First album “Triumph and Glory” which didn’t get finished and released until May of 2012.  

So Sheridan and I have been together for 6 years now.  We had a few other members come and go over the years.   But the core of the band has been Sheridan and I and we are working on new songs that we should begin recording soon.       

BRANDON:       How many albums do you have out?

RAYMAN:          As of right now we just have the debut “Triumph and Glory” but we have a single called “Fight” that was released earlier this year.  And we are always working on more material and writing more songs.

BRANDON:       Where are you based out of?

RAYMAN:          We are from the land of the Vikings in America.

BRANDON:       Where can people check out your music?

RAYMAN:          Well I think we have pretty much all the sites on the net that a band can have. and  and of course the main one which is where you can buy all our stuff. 

You can also buy our songs off ITunes and or reverbnation too.  I think we have a soundcloud and bandcamp as well but the website is the best place to go to buy anything, because it is our actual home site.  We actually make the money from there not like the millions of other places you can download our stuff and we get a fraction of a penny.   But the most important thing is to get our music heard and probably Facebook would be the best for that we also have a lot of stuff up on Youtube as well. 

BRANDON:       What kind of music are you guys listening to these days?

SHERIDAN DOLAN:  Mainly always metal or some form of it, perhaps throw some classical in there too. I’m currently listening to Opeth and The Human Abstract.

RAYMAN:          For me it really never changes, I listen to the Traditional heavy metal style.  Stuff like what we play, Power Metal like Edguy or Rhapsody of Fire.  Also I am a big fan of the “oldies” , such as Elvis Presley and Neil Diamond.  Classical music and opera are also great as well.  

BRANDON:       What do you think about the state of music in general?

SHERIDAN:         It is going downhill, the market is so flooded with simple-minded and sheeple music that it doesn’t allow musicians with actual talent to be heard.

BRANDON:       What advice do you have for people just starting out their music career?

SHERIDAN:       Don’t ever give up always stay motivated and make sure the product you are selling is the best it can be.

RAYMAN:          If you are in the business to get rich, then leave now.   If you are doing it because you love music and are passionate about what you do then do let anything stop you.  But it is a lot more work than anyone thinks or imagines it is.   It takes a lot of time and money.   You cannot be shy about promoting yourself and getting your name out there.   A lot of bands seem to think that promotion is a dirty word or that they are above doing that.  But if you want your music heard you have to get it out there, you can’t expect people to just find you.

BRANDON:       So are you guys into comic books? If so, what comics are you reading at the moment?

SHERIDAN:       I have always liked comics, but that being said I am by no means an avid reader.  I’m not reading anything currently but I did check out the Mass Effect series of comic books.

BRANDON:       What do you like better for comics – digital or print?

SHERIDAN:         It’s is always nice to have the actual comic just so you can hold something real in your hands, but digital is a nice way to go seeing as you can have an entire collection in one place as well as having a backlit screen.

BRANDON:       Who are your favourite superheroes?

SHERIDAN:       Batman and the Martian Manhunter!

RAYMAN:          Batman and Thor.  Batman because he is just the normal guy that wanted to make a difference he could be anyone of us, he had no special super power other than being rich.  And Thor because he is the Norse God of Thunder of course. 

In 2014 we plan to begin recording our next full length album.  We have it written already in fact the next 3 or 4 albums are all written.    And hopefully each album we release will out do the previous ones.  

We are also planning our 2014 US tour as well.  Which will include a few festival dates, so just another year of making kick ass metal and having fun.  Be sure to watch all our YouTube videos which are up on Iron Valkyries Records YouTube Channel  

Watch our Facebook page for news and updates and random photos of really smoking hot women wearing Malice gear.  Also we love having people send us their photos of them with Malice gear. 

Make sure to get our music buy it from us is the best way click on the merchandise tab, or buy down loads from Reverbnation or ITunes or cdbaby.   Hell if you have to steal it then steal it just so you get our music in your collection and tell your friends about us, but tell your friends to buy it.

If you don’t like us then tell your enemies about us so they can listen to our music as they kick your ass for being a punk that doesn’t like Pure Heavy Fucking Metal!